The Ashling Advantage

Ashling Design Center

We offer a high level of excellence in providing development services to customers by Leveraging the organizational expertise across hardware and software engineering to develop business-ready technology solution.

Main focus areas are Internet of Things, Machine Learning & AI and RISC-V based Initiatives

Design Expertise

Some features of our design and product development support:

  • Languages : C, Verilog, VHDL, System-Verilog, SystemC
  • Tools: Cadence(NC Verilog), Synopsys(VCS), Mentor (Modelsim, Quetasim ), Aldec (Riviera Pro)
  • Protocols: I2C, I3C, RISC-V Processor design & verification, MIPI (CSI,DSI,I3C, UniPro, DPHY, MPHY), ARM (AHB, APB, ASB), PCIe (Gen2, Gen3), USB, SD, SDIO, NAND Flash
  • RTL Design Services: Define system/IP design Architecture, Develop RTL code, Create Verification Environment by UVM, Developing Test plan and test coding, Synthesis Design and Clock domain crossing, FPGA validation, Static Timing Analysis
  • Software Development: Firmware Development, Device Drivers

Software Expertise

Some features of our software development support:

  • Embedded systems development:
    • Bare-metal to OS/RTOS-based
  • Porting/optimising software between architectures
  • Open-source technologies: Linux, GNU Toolchain, Eclipse IDE
  • Host-side development on Windows and Linux platforms
  • Boot-loader, drivers and OS/RTOS porting
  • C/C++/Java/Assembly/Python languages
  • Embedded Graphical User Interfaces
  • Smart card OS and application development

Hardware Expertise

 Some features of our hardware development support:

  • FPGA design (VHDL)
  • Hardware validation and test
  • Hardware debug and trace technologies:
    • JTAG, ARM CoreSight, IEEE Nexus 5001
  • Support for all leading architectures: ARC, ARM, MIPS, RISC-V,
  • NXP Power Architecture and NXP Secure Controllers
  • Design of FPGA-based prototyping systems
  • Design knowledge of industry-leading processor core and microcontroller architectures
  • Reference/evaluation kits

We have on board industry recognized expertise in building and operating Technology centres of excellence for global giants namely Verizon,, Nike, JC Penny, NEC, Toshiba, Thomson Reuters, Master Foods, McKesson , British Telecom and others.

Ashling Design Center is distributed between USA, Europe and India and serving all markets with local teams.  If you have a need to extend your technical development bandwidth, please contact us.