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Ashling Solutions For NXP Power Architecture

As an NXP partner and Approved Engineering Consultant (AEC), Ashling provides advanced development solutions for NXP Power devices. Ashling’s VITRA-PPC probe is a powerful networked Emulation and Trace debug solution for the NXP Power architecture.

VITRA-PPC Trace Probe for NXP Power Architecture

Ashling’s VITRA-PPC Trace probe is a powerful networked Emulation and Trace system for embedded development with NXP’s Power Architecture® devices.

  • Real-time trigger and trace system
  • Non-intrusive debugging
  • Ethernet and USB2 host connection
  • Full Instruction Trace and Data Trace
  • 512K time-stamped trace
  • Control and interrogation of all core-processor and system resources
  • Target Flash Programming
  • PathFinder C source debugger
  • Powerful scripting capabilities
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