Ashling Microsystems is a member of the RISC-V Foundation, a broad ecosystem of companies devoted to development of an open, extensible ISA.

Ashling Microsystems has the know-how and scalable resources to meet the diverse needs of developers of embedded RISC-V applications. We can provide industry-leading tools that support all the high intensity phases of an embedded development project i.e. code development, test, debug and validation.

Talk to us if you are looking for a tried and trusted partner to develop RISC-V tools that are high performance, user-friendly, and address all your end-user needs.

Ashling’s capability

Ashling is your one-stop-supplier for RISC-V tools. We can supply any (or all) of the following:

  • IDE/Compiler/Simulator/Debugger
    • Fully integrated Eclipse-based tools and Eclipse plug-ins
    • RTOS awareness
    • Provides a one-click install SDK that guarantees a positive user experience
  • High performance JTAG debug probe
    • High speed USB 3.0
    • Ensures high speed download and highly efficient debugging
  • Real Time Trace
    • Trace capture and analysis of real-time program execution and data access
    • Non-intrusive streaming to host PC
    • Enables user to isolate difficult-to-find and difficult-to-reproduce software bugs
  • Code Coverage
    • Non-intrusive analysis and reporting
    • Ensures all code is fully tested
  • Performance Analysis and Profiling
    • Identification of hot spots and bottlenecks
    • Ensures high code efficiency

For more detailed information on Ashling’s expertise in RISC-V debug tools, download the Ashling RISC-V Debug Tools document.