Embedded Engineering Solutions

In addition to providing off-the-shelf development tools, Ashling leverages its software, hardware and debug expertise to deliver bespoke custom engineering solutions. Our key differentiators are focused engineering expertise, flexibility and responsiveness.

Ashling supports a broad range of processor cores including ARM®, ARC®, MIPS®, Power Architecture®, RISC-V and Security Controllers. We offer tailored solutions that match your specific requirements. Ashling is a tried and trusted developer of high performance leading-edge embedded solutions focused on end-user needs.

Ashling has the know-how (35+ years’ experience) and resources to meet the diverse needs of embedded application developers. We provide an agile and cost-effective engineering service to support you during the high intensity phases of your embedded application project i.e. code development, test and validation. The result is a turn-key custom solution that gives you a significant edge. By engaging with us, you can reduce time-to-market by freeing up your engineering resources to focus directly on product launch.

For more detailed information on Ashling’s expertise in Embedded Solutions, download Ashling’s Custom Engineering Solutions for Embedded Applications

If you are about to embark on a new embedded system development project or if you require a partner to expand your RISC-V ecosystem, then please contact us at support@ashling.com