Embedded Engineering Solutions


Digital Hardware DesignIn addition to providing off-the-shelf development tools,
Ashling leverages its software, hardware and debug expertise to offer bespoke custom engineering solutions. Our key differentiators are focused engineering expertise, responsiveness and flexibility. We offer tailored solutions for the design and implementation of embedded hardware and software.

Through close collaboration with customers, we gain an in-depth understanding of their requirements, enabling us to develop custom functions and features that give our customers a significant edge. A dedicated engineering team is assigned to develop and deliver a solution.

Ashling has the know-how and resources to meet the diverse needs of embedded application developers. Ashling manages all aspects of a development project from concept to prototype development to roll out and manufacturing. We provide an agile and cost-effective engineering resource to support the high intensity phases of an embedded application project i.e. code development, test and validation. The result is a turn-key custom solution that addresses all the developer’s needs. By engaging with us, you can reduce time-to-market by freeing up your engineering resources to focus directly on product launch.

If you are about to embark on a new embedded system development project or if you require some support with an existing project, then please contact us at support@ashling.com