Debug and Test Expertise

B9076Since 1982 Ashling Microsystems has built up an extensive know-how in embedded systems to become a leader in this field. We are a trusted partner for companies from diverse industry segments, including some of the world’s leading semiconductor companies and OEMs. Our embedded development solutions and tools are used by thousands of engineers worldwide to develop complex embedded applications.

At Ashling our engineers understand the challenges and issues facing embedded system developers. Over the years we have leveraged our software and hardware expertise to develop a range of open-market and custom debug tools to address a broad range of customer needs. We have built up an in-depth knowledge in each of the following areas:

  • IDE/Complier/Simulator/Debugger
  • Real Time Trace in multicore systems
  • High performance JTAG debug probes
  • Code coverage
  • Performance analysis and profiling
  • Smart card protocol analysis

In addition to its reputation as a tried and trusted embedded systems developer, Ashling is known for its excellent customer support. All customer queries and support needs are treated as high priority.