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Vitra-XD for ARM

Powerful High-Speed, High-Capacity Trace (500+ GB).

Advanced features of Vitra-XD include:

  • 502GB on-board trace storage memory (2GB DDR3 RAM and 500GB high-speed hard-disk)
  • High capacity hard drive enables long duration real-time trace data collection allowing non-intrusive profiling and code coverage analyses
  • Parallel (up to 16-bit) trace up to 400Mhz double-data rate (DDR)
  • Serial Gigabit trace (ARM HSSTP). Up to 4 lanes supported at speeds of up to 25.6Gb/s
  • Captured data can be time-stamped using Vitra-XD's 50-bit, 5ns resolution timestamp generator
  • Automatic trace clock/data skew adjustment to ensure the integrity of captured high-speed data
  • Real-time trace streaming to host PC through Gigabit Ethernet interface, allowing unlimited trace capture (pending available Host PC disk space)
  • Fine-grained adjustment of JTAG clock frequency from 1kHz to 150MHz
  • USB2, Gigabit Ethernet: High speed data interfaces to development host
  • High speed interfaces enable full speed trace data collection on many platforms
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Mentor Graphics® Sourcery™ CodeBench

Vitra-XD Trace Probe integrates seamlessly with Mentor Graphics Sourcery CodeBench C/C++ debugger.

The combination of the Ashling Vitra-XD Trace Probe and Sourcery CodeBench provides an unprecedented level of trace, inspection, and debugging capabilities for real-time trace based debugging. This is enabled through dedicated Trace configuration menus available in Sourcery CodeBench, including:
  • Trigger setup (i.e. specify rules for trace capture)
  • Trace capture, upload and display
Sourcery CodeBench and Vitra-XD support both bare-metal and Linux kernel/application debugging, tracing and analysis. Sourcery CodeBench is hosted on Linux x86 and Windows™ hosts.

More information on using Sourcery CodeBench with Vitra-XD:
  • Demonstration Video for Sourcery™ CodeBench used with Vitra-XD
  • Training Event for Sourcery™ CodeBench used with Vitra-XD

Opella-XD for ARM

Ashling's Opella-XD is an ultra-high-speed Debug Probe for embedded development on ARM RISC cores.

Advanced features of Opella-XD include:

  • Fast, easy-to-install USB 2.0 high-Speed Interface (480Mb/s) with support for 1kHz to 100MHz JTAG
  • Up to 3MB/s download speed
  • Supports all popular ARM based cores
  • Wide target voltage range: 0.9V to 3.6V
  • Works with Windows and Linux hosts
  • Supports RTCK adaptive clocking of debug data from target
  • Support for all on-chip hardware breakpoints; unlimited number of software breakpoints
  • Supplied with ARMTM RDI drivers (Windows) and GDB server (Windows/Linux) which allow Opella-XD to work with a range of debuggers from ARM (RealView), GNU/Eclipse, IAR (C-Spy) and Keil (uVision).
  • Supplied with Ashling's PathFinder C source-level debugger
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Order Codes

Product Order Code
Vitra-XD for ARM™ including all cables and documentation Vitra-XD-ARM
Mentor Graphics® Sourcery™ CodeBench CodeBench
Opella-XD-ARM Debug Probe. Includes USB 2.0 cable, documentation and diagnostic software Opella-XD-ARM
ARM 20-way 0.1” IDC EmbeddedICE debug cable TPAOP-ARM20
ARM 10-way 0.05” Adapter (for use with TPAOP-ARM20). Supports the Cortex Debug Connector ADOP-ARM10
Opella-XD ARM Software (includes PathFinder, RDI and GDB Server) Opella-XD-ARMSW


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