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Ultra-high-speed cJTAG/JTAG Debug Probe pdf


Ashling's OPELLA-XD is a powerful cJTAG/JTAG debug probe for embedded development with  Synopsys' DesignWare ARC™ configurable RISC cores. Developed in cooperation with  Synopsys, the Opella-XD probe integrates with the MetaWare or GNU GDB Debuggers under Windows or Linux based hosts.

Advanced features of Opella-XD include:

  • Fast, easy-to-install USB 2.0 High-Speed Interface (480Mb/s)
  • Supports all popular hardware debug protocols
  • Unique Auto-conditioning Probe provides maximum possible download speed to target with fastest cJTAG/JTAG clock frequencies
  • Hot-plug support allows post-mortem debugging
  • Fast, trouble-free Plug-and-Play installation
  • Supplied with 20-pin Target Probe Assembly for Debug interface to target device or target FPGA.
  • Optional 15-pin D-Type JTAG adapter for Debug interface to target device or ARCangel board.
  • Opella-XD supports FPGA Programming on ARC FPGA targets (e.g. ARCangel) or users target board
  • Wide target voltage range: 0.9V to 3.6V
  • Versatile Target-Reset and Test-Port-Reset support
  • Built-in diagnostics instantly show status of Target, Debug Probe and USB link

Benefits of Opella-XD to the embedded hardware developer:

  • Accelerates the entire embedded-hardware debug process: ultra-fast installation, code download and flash programming saves time at every code rebuild
  • Instantly auto-configures to target system
  • Long-term investment: works with all popular target architectures and compilers
  • Helps with the most difficult debugging tasks: hardware bring-up, operating-system booting, post-mortem debugging
  • Future-proof: works with latest hardware-debug protocols, all popular host operating-systems
  • Compact, easy-to-install target probe cables support all popular debug interfaces

Opella-XD Debug Probe Specification:

  • High-speed USB2.0 (480Mb/s) interface to host PC
  • Target cJTAG/JTAG clock rates up to 100MHz
  • Auto-conditioning for fast cJTAG/JTAG clock frequencies
  • Configurable Target-Reset and Test-Port-Reset, under full user control
  • Fine-grained adjustment of cJTAG/JTAG clock frequency from 1KHz to 100MHz
  • Supports target operating voltages from 0.9V to 3.6V. Opella-XD detects and automatically configures for the appropriate target voltage.
  • Hot-plug support; allows connection to a running target without resetting or halting
  • Fully powered by USB interface; no external power-supply needed
  • Display/read/write of target system memory and peripheral registers
  • Support for all on-chip hardware breakpoints; unlimited software breakpoints
  • Target Reset control and Remote Reset detect
  • Run/stop control of target application including go, halt, step over, step into and step out of
  • Operates with ARCs MetaWare or GNU GDB Debuggers under Windows or Linux based hosts
  • Support for Multi-core debug
  • Support for multiple Opella connected to the same PC (this supports Multi-core systems where each core has a unique cJTAG/JTAG interface)
  • ARCangel Development Board System FPGA programming support; allows easy configuration using an Opella connection between your host PC and ARCangel
  • All EM, ARCtangent-A4, ARCtangent-A5, ARC 600, ARC 700, Energy Pro EP20 and EP30 cores are supported


Order Codes

Product Order Code
Opella-XD for ARC Debug Probe Opella-XD-ARC
Opella-XD for ARC Software. Software drivers to allow Opella-XD be used with the MetaWare and GNU GDB Debuggers ARC-Software
20-way JTAG Debug cable, used for direct connection to the ARC core, in a customer FPGA or in final silicon on the user's target TPAOP-ARC20
15-way JTAG Debug adapter, used with TPAOP-ARC20 to connect to ARC's ARCangel prototyping system AD-ARC-D15

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