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 PathFinder-XD Source Level Debugger

Eclipse based debugger software supports all third party C/C++ compilers, has target flash programming support for a broad range of devices, multiple user-configurable windows, Embedded Linux debugging support and a built-in script language. PathFinder-XD runs on Linux x86 and Windows™ XP/Vista/7 hosts.

PathFinder-XD Source Debugger

 PathFinder-XD Eclipse based source-level debugger for application development runs on Linux x86 and Windows™ XP/Vista/7 hosts.




Embedded Linux Debugging

PathFinder-XD supports Embedded Linux Debugging for kernels (based on v2.6 or later) using stop-mode and run-mode debugging techniques.

Stop-mode debugging:

Debugging is done via the on-chip debug interface using Opella-XD. When a breakpoint occurs the whole system is halted (i.e. kernel and applications). This mode is especially useful for bringing up the kernel.

Run-mode debugging:

In run-mode debugging the kernel will continue to run when a process is halted. This mode allows nonintrusive debug of processes.

PathFinder-XD’s Linux support includes:

PathFinder-XD Software Simulator Support

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