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New High Performance Debug and Trace Probe for ARM™ devices

Logo October 2011: To coincide with the 2011 ARM Technology conference in Santa Clara CA Ashling Microsystems has launched a new high performance Real Time Debug and Trace Probe for ARM™devices

The new Vitra-XD Debug Probe is the world’s highest performing Debug Probe for Embedded Development on ARM™ devices. With Trace capture rates up to 400MHz Dual-data Rate and a massive 504GB on-board Trace storage memory, Vitra-XD allows Extended Trace Capture (time-stamped up to 1564 hours @ 5ns resolution) and non-intrusive Software Profiling and Code-Coverage (no code instrumentation required).

Vitra-XD is used in conjunction with PathFinder-XD, Ashling’s Eclipse based C/C++ source-level debugger.

Commenting on the product release, Hugh O’Keeffe, Engineering Director of Ashling Microsystems, said “The Performance and Trace capacity of Vitra-XD are unprecedented in the Development Tools industry. We believe Vitra-XD will advance the state of the art for Software Debug and Analysis tools for complex, performance critical and safety critical applications where software reliability is of the utmost importance and cannot be compromised.

A Vitra-XD data sheet is available here. The tools are available directly from Ashling and its sales representatives worldwide.


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Ashling Microsystems is an international Embedded Software Development Tools company. Ashling is a subsidiary of the NeST Group, a broad based technology provider operating in the areas of software development, electronics design and manufacturing, optronics and fiber optics, broadband and RF solutions and power systems and magnetics. Through its close cooperation with leading semiconductor vendors, Ashling is a world leader in the Embedded Software Development Tools market. Ashling has development centres in Limerick, Ireland and Trivandrum, India and sales and support representatives worldwide.


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