Our Markets

Ashling Microsystems has been providing industry-leading embedded software tools and hardware technology for companies across a broad range of market segments since 1982.

Never has the need for embedded expertise been so apparent as in today’s world. With artificial intelligence and embedded software giving rise to a whole new era of transport and communication, embedded software development is likely to be the driving force behind the majority of new products across all market segments. The ubiquitous IoT relies heavily on embedded systems, all brought together by embedded software and underpinned by security. Similarly in healthcare, embedded technology applications range from small implantable devices that monitor heart rate or identify an arterial blockage, to advanced robotics for intricate surgical procedures.

In the last decade alone, the rise in embedded development has been prolific. For example, whilst electronics were once used sparingly in vehicles, the automotive industry now relies on embedded software for a variety of functions, such as operating systems, safety features, navigation, and on-board entertainment. In fact, it is embedded software which is facilitating the development of previously unseen technologies and products, such as driverless cars.

Key market segments