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This page provides you with useful information and software downloads for Ashling Opella-XD-ARC and Ultra-XD-ARC debug and trace tools which support Synopsys DesignWare ARC Processors.


Technical Documents

Ashling ARC Tools Overview
Ashling Product Brief APB177 provides a getting started guide, tools overview and shows the recommended target debug (JTAG) connections

Using Ultra-XD Trace Probe Connector for Synopsys DesignWare Processors with MetaWare Debugger
Ashling Product Brief APB219 provides an introduction to using Ultra-XD Trace Probe with Synopsys MetaWare Debugger

WHITE PAPER on Real-time trace – a better way to debug embedded applications
Ashling and Synopsys white paper on the benefits of  debugging with ‘real-time trace’ hardware assistance, including how it can vastly reduce the amount of time needed to track down problems in the code, and how it introduces other benefits, such as hot-spot profiling and code coverage

VIDEO on Debugging with ARC Real-Time Trace
DesignWare ARC Real-time trace allows you to use an Ashling Ultra-XD pod to capture trace from an ARC HS core and upload it to the MetaWare Debugger at gigabit Ethernet speeds. Captured trace can be turned into a “replay” database enabling you to debug your program by executing it both forwards and backwards.
In this video watch Tom Pennello, Principal R&D Engineer at Synopsys, explain how to use trace filtering, program profiling from trace, and additional replay features, such as call stack history as well as trace replay for multicore.
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Ultra-XD-ARC Driver Software, v1.0.3, 9th January 2017

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Opella-XD-ARC Driver Software, v1.2.3, 1st June 2018

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