Embedded Development

Ashling is at the heart of embedded development that consists of hardware and software engineering expertise.  We have a team of 800+ engineers with a vast range of embedded product development experience.  

We offer a wide range of expertise and skills in Automotive, Medical, Industrial Control, Consumer Electronics, Security and other industries.


Some features of our software development support:

  • Embedded systems development:
    • Bare-metal to OS/RTOS-based
  • Porting/optimising software between architectures
  • Open-source technologies:
    • Linux, GNU Toolchain, Eclipse IDE
  • Host-side development on Windows and Linux platforms
  • Boot-loader, drivers and OS/RTOS porting
  • C/C++/Java/Assembly/Python languages
  • Embedded Graphical User Interfaces
  • Smart card OS and application development


 Some features of our hardware development support:

  • FPGA design (VHDL)
  • Hardware validation and test
  • Hardware debug and trace technologies:
    • JTAG, ARM CoreSight, IEEE Nexus 5001
  • Support for all leading architectures:
    NXP Power Architecture and NXP Secure Controllers
  • Design of FPGA-based prototyping systems
  • Design knowledge of industry-leading processor core and microcontroller architectures
  • Reference/evaluation kits

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