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RiscFree Software, v1.2.4, 29th November 2019

New Features in this release

  1.  Synopsys ARC Advanced Overlay Manager (AOM) and MQX RTOS debug support added.
  2.  Improved scan-chain auto-detect feature of ARC devices.
  3.  RISC-V Bitmanip (Bit Manipulation) Extensions Toolchain now included (riscv64-unknown-elf-gcc 10.0.0 20190929 (experimental)). Note: this toolchain needs to be specifically selected in the Project Properties (C/C++ Build|Settings|Toolchains and select Custom (riscv64-unknown-none-gcc)). See RiscFree™ documentation for more details. The v8.3.0 build of the GCC tool-chain continues to remain the default.
  4. Added support for additional SweRV1 CSRs.
  5. Miscellaneous bug fixes.
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