Ashling RiscFree For SweRV RISC‑V Cores

Fast RISC‑V CPU Design
Western Digital’s First RISC-V Core!

Ashling RiscFree C/C++ Development Suite for SweRV RISC‑V Devices

Ashling provides a comprehensive tools solution for SweRV RISC-V based cores, including C/C++ cross-compiler support for any RISC-V ISA with custom extensions. This includes Ashling’s RiscFree Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for RISC-V, which provides a complete, seamless environment for RISC‑V software development.

Supported development boards with chips based on Western Digital RISC-V SweRV architecture.





SweRV Features

  • RISC-V 32IMC Core
  • First internally developed RISC-V core
  • RISC-V debug supportswerv core
  • Programmable Interrupt Controller
  • Support for up to 255 external interrupts
  • AHB-lite, AXI bus support
  • Frequency: 1 GHz at SSG process corner
  • Technology: TSMC 28nm
  • 9 stage pipeline
  • 4 stall points:
    • Fetch1: Cache misses, line fills
    • Align: Form instructions from 3 fetch buffers
    • Decode: Decode up to 2 instructions from 4 instruction buffers
    • Commit: Commit up to 2 instructions / cycle
  • EX pipes:
    • ALU ops statically assigned to I0, I1 pipes
    • ALU’s are symmetric
  • Load/store pipe:
    • Load-to-use of 2
  • Multiply pipe:
    • 3 cycle latency
  • Divide pipe:
    • 34 cycles, out-of-pipe


RiscFree Features

  • IDE based on Eclipse with full source and project creation, editing, build and integrated debug support
  • Includes automatic source-code formatting, syntax coloring and function folding
  • Includes a single-shot installer that installs and automatically configures all the component tools to work “out-of-the-box”.
  • Project wizards and examples allowing you to quickly create projects from scratch or use the pre-built examples
  • Full compiler toolchain including an optimizing C/C++ compiler, assembler and linker including start-up code and run-time libraries. Compiler toolchains support optional user specific customisations, see our compiler and tools services for more details  
  • Hardware Debug (Opella-XD) and Trace probe options fully integrated into the Debugger allowing debug and easy setup, capture and display of Trace and Profiling data
  • Multi-core debug support
  • On-chip trace and debug analytics support
  • ROM or RAM based debugging support (e.g. hardware breakpoints for flash-based support)
  • Includes QEMU ISA simulator for 32 and 64-bit RISC-V cores
  • High-level RISC-V Register Viewer (XML database driven)
  • Integrated RTOS debug support
  • Integrated Serial Terminal
  • Script language for automating debugging sessions

Tools Customization

Ashling’s Tools-as-a-Service (TaaS™) offers many benefits to SweRV users including:

  • Rapid availability of a customized and optimized toolset for your device including some or all of the following: IDE, Debugger, Compiler Toolchain, Simulators, Hardware Debug and Trace Probes, Operating Systems, BSPs etc.
  • Toolset feature priorities and roll-out defined by you and implemented by us
  • Toolset intellectual property becomes yours (or can be placed in Escrow)
  • Toolset can be made available “free-of-charge” to your customers
  • Toolset development, support, maintenance and quality assurance all handled by Ashling

Opella-XD for SweRV RISC-V JTAG Probe

Ashling’s Opella-XD is a high-speed JTAG debug probe for embedded development on RISC-V cores. Opella-XD for RISC-V is the latest in a number of high speed debug probes supporting MCU, SoC, and Soft (FPGA) based designs and highlighting 35+ years of experience developing and building embedded development tools.

Features of Opella-XD for RISC-V:

  • Fast, trouble-free “plug-and-play” installation using USB 2.0 High-Speed Interface (480Mb/s)
  • Up to 3MB/s download speeds particularly suitable for large, complex projects
  • Fully powered by USB interface; no external power-supply needed
  • Fine-grained adjustment of JTAG clock frequency from 1kHz to 100MHz.
  • Multi-core support with full JTAG scan-chain configurability
  • Detects and automatically configures for the appropriate target voltage from 0.9V to 3.6V
  • Fast in-target Flash and FPGA Programming
  • Support for all on-chip hardware breakpoints; unlimited number of software breakpoints
  • Configurable Target-Reset and Test-Port-Reset, under full user control
  • Built-in diagnostics instantly show status of Target, Debug Probe and USB link

RiscFree Evaluation Download

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* RiscFree™ tools are free to use for non-commercial applications or evaluation. Please refer to our licensing terms and conditions below.

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