Debug Tools for Synopsys ARC® Processors.

Ashling Debug & Trace Solutions For Synopsys ARC® & ARC-V Processors

Ashling have been a long-term Synopsys partner for over fifteen years and provide Debug and Trace probe solutions for Synopsys ARC Processor users.

All of the Ashling probes provide full support for the ARC EM, ARC EV, ARC HS, ARC NPX, ARC VPX, ARC-V RMX, ARC-V RHX & ARC-V RPX Processors and are fully integrated into the Synopsys’ ARC MetaWare Development Toolkit and the GNU GCC and LLVM ARC Toolchains.

Vitra-XS for ARC Debug & Trace Probe

Vitra-XS is a Debug & Trace Probe for embedded development with support for Synopsys’ ARC & ARC-V Processors and is integrated into the Synopsys MetaWare Development Toolkit (MWDT).

Real-time trace provides some key advantages when it comes to debugging and validating embedded systems and by using trace, developers can easily see how execution arrived at a certain point, via a back-trace or instruction history, and can answer questions like “How did I end up in this function?” and “Why did my code crash?” Trace information can be captured non-intrusively meaning that the application’s real-time performance is not affected and allows developers to profile their code to find out where time is actually being spent and to determine if performance related timing requirements are being met.

See how Ashling’s Vitra-XS provides debug & trace support for Synopsys ARC Processors with this short video.


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Opella-XD for ARC Debug Probe

Opella-XD is a high-speed cJTAG/JTAG debug probe for embedded development on Synopsys’ ARC & ARC-V Processors with full support integrated into the Synopsys MetaWare Development Toolkit (MWDT).

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