This page provides information and software downloads for Ashling’s RiscFree for RISC-V IDE and Opella-XD for RISC-V Debug Probe.

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RiscFree for RISC-V, v1.2.9, 9th September 2020

New Features in this release

  • Includes PDF documentation (APB222-RiscFree.pdf). Please read this to get started
  • Homogeneous multi-core debug support from a single launch (non-stop and all-stop).
  • Heterogeneous debug support for RISC-V and non-RISC-V cores
  • SoC-wide breakpoint support i.e. a single breakpoint can halt ALL cores
  • Enhanced synchronization for multiple active launches using a single Opella-XD probe.
  • Support for RiscFree Command line invocation
    > riscfree.exe -data <workspace path> -launch <launch configuration file name>
  • RiscFree launch supports Eclipse environment variable (e.g.: ${eclipse_home}).
  • Register View includes bit-level information
  • Opella-XD JTAG frequency selection supports 10kHz – 100MHz

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