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Ashling Solutions for NXP embedded Secure Element

As an NXP partner and Approved Engineering Consultant (AEC), Ashling provides a complete
development solution for a secure automotive gateway using NXP’s NCJ38A.

NXP Secure Gateway Demonstration Platform

Ashling’s Secure Gateway Demonstrator Platform (SGDP) is a hardware and software platform demonstrating how to design and build a Secure Automotive Gateway using NXP’s NCJ38A (“Phantom”) series of embedded Secure Element (eSE) Devices.

The SGDP acts as a firewall that controls access from external interfaces to the vehicle’s inner network. It also controls what internal networks can communicate with each other and can provide domain isolation of specific networks e.g. between infotainment systems and safety-critical systems.

The NCJ38A eSE is a dedicated, tamper-resistant device which can securely store and allow access to confidential cryptographic data including digital certificates, symmetric and asymmetric keys and other user data. This built-in security allows the SGDP to provide functionality like secure, authenticated, over-the-air (OTA) firmware update support which are impervious to cyberattacks.

The provided SGDP software developed by Ashling includes:

• Direct web interface to the SGDP with built-in demos which can be run in a host-side Browser over a PC to SGDP ethernet connection

• Demos show how to authenticate and securely communicate between the MPC5748G MCU and the NCJ38A eSE over I2C and Serial Protocol Interface (SPI). All the necessary libraries and protocol stacks are included to allow you to use them in your own application

• Full getting started guide/user manual

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