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NXP Secure Controllers

As an NXP partner and Approved Engineering Consultant (AEC) for design and manufacture of
embedded security and authentication in embedded applications, Ashling offers a unique
prototyping and development solution for NXP secure controllers.

The development of applications and operating-systems for secure controller ICs can involve substantial amounts of complex software. Debugging target application code executing in real-time in its target processor environment is an essential step in efficiently finding and fixing difficult-to-detect software bugs.

Ashling SmartMRK3-EPK

Hardware emulator for NXP SmartMX3 P71 secure controllers

  • USB2.0 based real-time debug probe
  • Used with NXP Composer IDE to debug application code
  • Contact and Contactless card-reader interfacing
  • Supports all P71 family devices
  • NXP SMD IC device ensures accurate P71 emulation (hardware and software)
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Ashling SmartICE

Hardware emulator for NXP SmartMX-P5 and SmartMX2-P60 secure controllers

  • Contact and Contactless probe interface
  • Real-time trace capture of code and data
  • Code coverage analysis
  • Performance analysis for latest SmartMX2-P60
  • SmartICE debugger: Keil µVision or PathFinder
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Real Time Performance Analysis for P60-Step-Up!

The SmartICE Performance Analysis system allows you to monitor software execution in real time non-intrusively. The performance Analysis system enables you to verify software performance and identify program ‘hot-spots’ for performance optimisation.

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Ashling SmartPK-P40

Real-Time Prototyping Kit for NXP SmartMX2-P40 secure controller

After testing and debugging a smart card program, the designer can download code to the Ashling SmartPK-P40 and test the code in a fully-functioning card reader system. SmartPK-P40 will behave like the target smart card containing the ROM-code.

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Features Ashling SmartPK-P40

  • Application code download to SmartPK-P40 memory and P40 EEPROM download/upload
  • Exercising of P40 by sending/receiving APDUs
  • SmartPK-P40 software user interface on host PC
  • Support for scripting and unattended testing sequences
  • Battery-backed, standalone operation
  • Contact card-reader interfacing: support for Voltage Classes A, B and C
  • SmartPK-P40 is controlled via the supplied SmartPK-P40 software running on the host PC

SmartICE Adaptors & Accessories


Adapter containing ZIF SOIC28 socket for use with INCLA7816USB-CL1/-CL2 or IN-GSM probes. Allows testing of SO28 samples.


Allows testing of HVQFN samples. Used together with INCLA7816USB-CL1/-CL2 or IN-GSM probes.



Allows testing of PCM / PDM samples. Used with INCLA7816USB-CL1/-CL2 or IN-GSM probes.



Accepts standard ISO7816 smart card format. Used with INCLA7816USB-CL1/-CL2 or IN-GSM probes.



Allows testing of MOB4/6 samples. Used with INCLA7816USB-CL1/-CL2 or IN-GSM probes.



INCLA adapter probe for GSM footprint connection. Connects directly to the 15-pin D-type socket (smart card I/F) located on the front-panel of the SmartICE system.


Smart Card Probe Connectors

The IN-CLA7816USB-CL1/-CL2 probes support the following smart card interfaces:

  • ISO7816 contact-based (located on the component side)
  • Contactless via and an antenna located on the solder side

– The -CL1 Adapter has a full-sized antenna
– The -CL2 Adapter has a half-sized antenna

  • USB interface via a USB type B connector

I/O Splitter Adapter

The INCLA I/O splitter adapter allows measurement of the bi-directional IO pins (x4) between a Card and Reader as unidirectional signals (x8).

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