Vitra-XS Debug & Trace Probe

Vitra-XS is Ashling’s Debug & Trace Probe for embedded development with support for multiple target architectures including RISC-V, Arm and Synopsys ARC powered systems. Vitra-XS works with Ashling’s RiscFree™ SDK for advanced embedded system debugging, tracing, profiling & analysis


Vitra-XS supports:

  • Capturing & viewing of program-flow & data-accesses trace in real-time, non-intrusively
  • Program downloading from the host PC to the target embedded system
  • Exercising program in the target (go, step, halt, breakpoints, interrogate memory, registers & variables etc.)
  • Fast, trouble-free “plug-&-play” installation using SuperSpeed USB3.0
  • Supports RISC-V debug & trace standards including E-Trace & N-Trace (including SiFive Insight Trace and Debug IP)
  • Supports Arm CoreSight™ debug & trace standards including SWD, DAP, ETM, PTM, STM & CTI
  • Supports Synopsys ARC Real-Time Trace (RTTv2 or greater with 8-bit or dual 8-bit ports)

Download the Vitra-XS (RISC-V & Arm) datasheet here and the Synopsys DesignWare ARC one here and see how Ashling’s Vitra-XS provides debug & trace support for RISC-V cores from SiFive with this short video.