Complete RISC-V ecosystem

Ashling RiscFree C/C++ Development Suite for RISC-V Devices.

RiscFree is Ashling’s Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for RISC-V and provides a complete, seamless environment for RISC-V software development.

Ashling provides a comprehensive tools solution for any RISC-V based MCU including C/C++ cross-compiler support for any RISC-V ISA with custom extensions.


  • IDE based on Eclipse with full source and project creation, editing, build and integrated debug support
  • Includes automatic source-code formatting, syntax colouring and function folding
  • RiscFree™ includes a single-shot installer that installs and automatically configures all the component tools to work “out-of-the-box”.
  • Project wizards and examples allowing you to quickly create projects from scratch or use the pre-built examples
  • Full compiler toolchain including an optimising C/C++ compiler, assembler and linker including start-up code and run-time libraries. Compiler toolchains support optional user specific customisations, see our compiler and tools services for more details  
  • Hardware Debug (Opella-XD) and Trace probe options fully integrated into the Debugger allowing debug and easy setup, capture and display of Trace and Profiling data
  • Multi-core debug support
  • On-chip trace and debug analytics support
  • ROM or RAM based debugging support (e.g. hardware breakpoints for flash-based support)
  • Includes QEMU ISA simulator for 32 and 64-bit RISC-V cores
  • High-level RISC-V Register Viewer (XML database driven)
  • Integrated RTOS debug support
  • Integrated Serial Terminal
  • Script language for automating debugging sessions

Supporting the following RISC-V IP and devices:

Opella-XD for RISC-V JTAG Probe

Ashling’s Opella-XD is a high-speed JTAG debug probe for embedded development on RISC-V cores. Opella-XD for RISC-V is the latest in a number of high speed debug probes supporting MCU, SoC, and Soft (FPGA) based designs and highlighting 30+ years of experience developing and building embedded development tools.

Opella-XD for RISC-V supports:

  • Fast, trouble-free “plug-and-play” installation using USB 2.0 High-Speed Interface (480Mb/s)
  • Up to 3MB/s download speeds particularly suitable for large, complex projects
  • Fully powered by USB interface; no external power-supply needed
  • Fine-grained adjustment of JTAG clock frequency from 1KHz to 100MHz.
  • Multi-core support with full JTAG scan-chain configurability
  • Detects and automatically configures for the appropriate target voltage from 0.9V to 3.6V
  • Fast in-target Flash and FPGA Programming
  • Support for all on-chip hardware breakpoints; unlimited number of software breakpoints
  • Configurable Target-Reset and Test-Port-Reset, under full user control
  • Built-in diagnostics instantly show status of Target, Debug Probe and USB link

Upcoming Features:

  • RTOS Debugging including FreeRTOS support
  • Real-time Trace and Profiling
  • Support for additional RISC-V powered devices including new project wizards and examples
  • Secure Software download and flash programming
  • SSL Library for RISC-V

RiscFree Evaluation Download

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* RiscFree tools are free to use for non-commercial applications or evaluation. Please refer to our licensing terms and conditions below.

RiscFree Tools for RISC-V, v1.2.6, 15th May 2020

RiscFree new features in this release

  • Includes PDF documentation (APB222-RiscFree.pdf). Please read this to get started
  • Homogeneous multi-core debug support from a single launch (non-stop and all-stop).
  • Heterogeneous debug support for RISC-V and non-RISC-V cores
  • SoC-wide breakpoint support i.e. a single breakpoint can halt ALL cores
  • Enhanced synchronization for multiple active launches using a single Opella-XD probe.
  • Support for RiscFree Command line invocation
    > riscfree.exe -data <workspace path> -launch <launch configuration file name>
  • RiscFree launch supports Eclipse environment variable (e.g.: ${eclipse_home}).
  • Register View includes bit-level information
  • Opella-XD JTAG frequency selection supports 10kHz – 100MHz

Licensing Terms and Conditions

This software is free to use for evaluation and non-commercial use. For commercial use, you need to purchase a license before starting any actual development work. Contact Ashling for pricing and licensing details. By the act of installing this software package, reviewing the license agreement (during the install process) and clicking “Next” you subscribe to and agree to the licensing terms outlined.

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