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Ashling Solutions for NXP Advanced Chip Emulation

As an NXP partner and Approved Engineering Consultant (AEC), Ashling provides complete
tailored and integrated NXP secure embedded solutions and we recently have jointly developed and released the SecurACE FPGA emulation platform.

NXP SecurACE FPGA Based Emulation Platform

Ashling’s SecurACE is a highly secure,  digital and analog chip emulation platform utilising a Xilinx FPGA and Analog IO emulation module.

Digital emulation is supported using a Xilinx UltraSCALE FPGA with support from the entry-level XCKU115-1FLVA2104C up to the  XCVU13P-3FHGA2104E device. Analog emulation is supported using a custom designed, 16-channel IO module.

SecurACE may be controlled via a host-side PC User-Interface and a scriptable Command-line application. It also has a built-in touchscreen and includes a built-in Arm compliant Debug Interface allowing direct debug of Arm powered cores running on the SecurACE FPGA.

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