Opella-LD Debug Probe Support and Downloads Page

This page provides you with useful information and software downloads for the Ashling Opella-LD debug probe.

Please contact our Technical Support team if you need help on Ashling hardware or software tools.


Ashling’s Opella-LD Debug Probe as shown below is a powerful JTAG/SWD/cJTAG Debug Probe for embedded development with a number of different target architectures including Synopsys ARC, Arm and RISC-V powered systems.


Figure 1. The Ashling Opella-LD Debug Probe

Opella-LD software debug support is provided via the open-source OpenOCD (http://openocd.org/doc/html/About.html) standard and provides fast code download to the target system with control and interrogation support for all core-processor and system resources including registers and memory.


Figure 2. Opella-LD connected to an Arm target using the OPLD-MIPI-10 adapter


Opella-LD User Manual and Getting Started Guide
Opella-LD Driver, Configuration and OpenOCD Files