This page provides you with useful information and software downloads for Ashling’s Opella-XD for ARM and Vitra-XD for ARM debug and trace tools supporting ARM processor cores.

Please contact our Technical Support team if you need help on Ashling hardware or software tools.


Ashling Vitra-XD for ARM Trace Probe
This application note describes using Ashling Vitra-XD with the Mentor Graphics Sourcery CodeBench Debugger

Using the Ashling ARM Tools with the GNU GDB Debugger
This article (APB198) describes how to use the Ashling Opella-XD with the Free Software Foundation’s (FSF) GNU GCC GDB Debugger.


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RiscFree for Arm, v1.3.3, 30th April 2021

New features in this release

  • RiscFree now supports Linux OS platform (Debian 9 and CentOS 7).
  • RiscFree now supports Western Digital RISC-V SweRV (EH2, EL2, ELX2S) cores.
  • RiscFree now supports a dedicated Global Variables view.
  • RiscFree now supports debug connection without halting the target for RISC-V and ARC devices.

Windows Host

CentOS Host

Debian Host

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    Opella-XD-ARM Debugger and Driver Software v1.0.3-A

    New Features in this release

    1. Maintenance Release

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